Elixir Conf 2014视频

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[点击这里到百度云下载](http://pan.baidu.com/s/1i3Jx6jb) 包含内容: 1. Opening Keynote: Think Different 1. The First Few Sips 1. Introduction to Elixir for Rubyists 1. Hex - How it was built 1. Writing Command Line Applications with Elixir 1. Elixir Elevated 1. Elixir - Evaluating Performance of Language 1. Elixir in an Enterprise Telecommunications Product 1. Erlang Rationale 1. Thinking in a Highly Concurrent, Mostly-functional Language 1. The Excitement of Elixir 1. Fear and the Evolution of Languages 1. Otp In Production: The Nitty-Gritty Details Of Game Servers 1. Rise of The Phoenix - Building an Elixir Web Framework 1. Jose Valim, Dave Thomas, Robert Virding, Francesco Cesarini, Chris McCord, Bruce Tate 1. Privacy Policy Terms of Service Contact Us About Us Services 彩蛋:Phoenix创造人3小时workshop手把手教你怎么用Phoenix写网站 声明:视频非本人所有
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  • bareilles 发表
    这个Dave Thomas的视频挺适合入门者看的: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KQwEmdOH-GM (LoneStarRuby Conf 2013 - Elixir: Power of Erlang, Joy of Ruby by Dave Thomas) 请翻墙。
  • Cifer 发表
    回楼上, 这个讲的挺有煽动性的~~
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